Do you have a story that you think is right for PenDust Radio?
We’d love to read it!

General Guidelines

3,500 – 6,000 words.

We accept fiction and nonfiction. As long as it’s creatively written and engaging, we love it all!

We are happy to accept previously published work, but you must hold all rights to publish with us.

The story may be an excerpt from a larger work, provided it stands on its own.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

You may submit up to five stories, but please use a separate submission for each.

Submissions are currently closed but will open again in January.

Content Guidelines

What kind of content do we like?

  • Character Driven: Multifaceted, intriguing characters who really come alive on the page. (If nonfiction, this should apply to the subject of your story.)
  • Whether fiction or nonfiction, your main character should have something very clearly at stake — something they desperately want, something to be accomplished or avoided, or something to lose.
  • Since this is audio format, your story should draw us in right away. (Podcast listeners move on to something else if the story doesn’t grab them right away.)
  • Optional, but always fun: Plot twists or resolutions we didn’t see coming.
  • All genres except horror and sci-fi. We do not publish religious or dystopian work.

What don’t we like?

  • Depressing stories about illness, abuse, and death.
  • Stories lacking action and don’t really go anywhere.
  • Stories in which the main character doesn’t change or have any insight.
  • Stories lacking a strong pay-off at the end.
  • Experimental fiction (because it can be tricky in audio format).

How to Submit

Submissions are currently closed.

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